Shane Bartholomeusz

Yes I confess …

I am a geek and lover of all things tech related…

G’day, I’m a Lead Technical Solutions consultant based in Perth, Australia specialising in the Microsoft technology stack, including .NET, Dynamics 365, Azure and general web development etc.

I originally started out as an Oracle PL/SQL developer and along the way have worked for many leading Australian firms and various high profile clients. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and have definitely learned a lot along the way… but after a few years I felt I needed a new challenge… So I later transitioned to the Microsoft development stack which has lead me to where I am today. Today you can find me buried in .NET code or playing around with new and exciting tech.

This blog is my place to share my thoughts, helpful solutions and just random nerdy stuff.

Blogging is one way I attempt to contribute to the software development community. I’ve found that creating and talking about software is a great way to stay curious, humble, and very, very busy. There is always something new and exciting to explore in the world of tech. Stay curious!

Portrait of Shane Bartholomeusz
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