Firefox Multi-Account Containers is a great technology for power-users. In this article I'll explain what Firefox Multi-Account Containers is all about, how it works and how you can use it to dramatically speed-up your workflow.

What Are Firefox Multi-Account Containers?

As a technical consultant I routinely work with multiple clients on a regular basis. For this reason I have multiple accounts for the same online services which I’m constantly switching between, such as Office 365.

Typically this involves logging out of one account, and into the other which is both unproductive and also can be a problem if you need to access both accounts simultaneously.

While I have explored many solutions to date I couldn’t find a good solution … that is until I found the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension. In fact, I’ve switched from using Google Chrome to Firefox for this very reason!

Firefox Containers essentially allows you to run multiple web browser sessions at the same time within a single web browser window. For example, you could be logged into multiple Facebook accounts at the same time within the same Web Browser window. Cool, right? Yeah

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