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In my case I was installing an Oracle database within a self-contained virtual machine environment. I didn't necessarily want to expose it to my local network, though needed to bind it to the local server IP address.

I created a local loopback network adapter on the local machine.  This adapter provided an IP address for the local server even though it wasn't connected to the local network (much like the address).



Setup is rather simple on a Windows machine….

  1. 1. Click START > RUN
  2. Enter ‘hdwwiz.exe’ and click OK 
  3. Choose the ‘Advanced’ option
  4. Choose the ‘Network Adapters’ device type
  5. Choose the ‘Microsoft’ in the list of manufacturers
  6. Then choose the ‘Microsoft Loopback Adapter’ from the list of network adapters
  7. Once the wizard completes, you’ll then see the new adapter in the list of installed system network adapters.

screenshotscreenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

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