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Solved: ‘Unable to find package’ error


Whilst recently installing Specflow on a new Windows PC, I ran into an unexpected error after running the below command:

dotnet tool install --global SpecFlow.Plus.License --version 3.9.7

This is the error I encountered whilst running the above command:

C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\cd1e38b3-c92a-436d-b439-f1535d848adc\restore.csproj : error NU1101: Unable to find package No packages exist with this id in source(s): C:\Program Files\dotnet\library-packs, Microsoft Visual Studio Offline Packages The tool package could not be restored.
Tool ‘’ failed to install. This failure may have been caused by:
You are attempting to install a preview release and did not use the –version option to specify the version.
A package by this name was found, but it was not a .NET tool.
The required NuGet feed cannot be accessed, perhaps because of an Internet connection problem.
You mistyped the name of the tool.
For more reasons, including package naming enforcement, visit

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How To: Find Duplicate Lines Using Notepad++


You may have come across situations where you need to identify duplicate lines contained in a text file. I recently had to do this within a large CSV data extract file.

While there are several ways to do this, I was specifically looking for a way to do this using Notepad++, which I already had installed. So in this blog article, I’ll show you how to find duplicate lines using Notepad++.

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Solved: Dotnet EF CLI ‘Could not execute’ Error

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The ‘dotnet ef’ CLI command enables developers to work with Entity Framework Core (EF Core) database operations from the standard dotnet command line.

Recently I came across the below error whilst trying to run the ‘dotnet ef’ CLI commands:

$ dotnet ef
Could not execute because the specified command or file was not found.
Possible reasons for this include:
  * You misspelled a built-in dotnet command.
  * You intended to execute a .NET program, but dotnet-ef does not exist.
  * You intended to run a global tool, but a dotnet-prefixed executable with this name could not be found on the PATH.

If you have also encountered this error whilst using the Entity Framework commands via the dotnet CLI, then you’re in luck because I’ll be sharing the fix in this article.

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Quick Tip: VS Code Restore Previous File Version


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve modified a local code file and needed to revert back to a previously saved local version that was not committed to your Git repo?

If you’re a user of Visual Studio Code you’re in luck because I’ll show you how to do just that …

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How To: Disable Win 11 “Show more options” context menu


Moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11 was largely a painless experience for me however like any new major Windows release it has its share of interesting quirks however there was one particular quirk that I’ll show you how to fix in this post.

Windows 11 by default will show a slimmed-down Windows Explorer context menu, with an option to expand the menu to “Show more options”. While at first, I did welcome the change, over time it became a bit of an annoyance and a real productivity killer because it meant I had to perform an extra click for no tangible benefit.

In this post, I’ll show you how to disable the “Show more options” feature of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Context Menu Screenshot
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Solved: Google Drive Stuck Uploading Files


Recently I came across an unusual issue where Google Drive was continually getting stuck uploading files on my Android Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone device.

In this article, I’ll share the solution that worked for me, plus other possible solutions.

Google Drive Stuck Screenshot
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Visual Studio: Close Current Tab Keyboard Shortcut


It’s common today to use the CTRL+W in various applications including most web browsers. If you’ve used Visual Studio you’ve probably noticed that this keyboard shortcut does not work when trying to close the currently opened tab.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can easily configure Visual Studio to close the currently opened tab.

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How To: Set Default Terminal In VS Code


By default Visual Studio Code will open a PowerShell session when you launch a new terminal window. But what if you want something else instead?

Well you’re in luck because in this article I’ll show you how you can easily change the default shell in Visual Studio Code.

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Visual Studio: Generate Class From JSON String


If you work JSON documents, I’m sure you’ve probably had to create a class file from a JSON string. Doing this manually can be a real pain in the proverbial, especially if you are working with a large JSON document. It can also be very error-prone. Therefore it’s best to automate this conversion.

In this post I’ll show you how to automatically generate a class file from a JSON string using a little known feature built into Visual Studio.

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Visual Studio: Show Current File in Solution Explorer


Have you ever worked on a large Visual Studio project that contained many projects and become somewhat disorientated, unable to find the currently open file within the Solution Explorer pane?

I did just that recently … I started work on a large Visual Studio solution for a client which contained over 180 projects within a single solution. Yep, I’m not even joking!

Whilst trying to learn and understand the solution structure I found myself getting lost inside the sea of nested projects and folders contained within the solution.

Well guess what? You’re in luck because I’ll show you a little known feature that may help you.

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