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How To: Google Analytics In Chrome Extensions


Google Analytics

Google has replaced its legacy analytics library with the new and improved Universal Analytics library

I’ve been working on a Google Chrome Browser Extension but had some trouble integrating it with Google Analytics. Google's own tutorial hadn’t yet been updated to use the new analytics library. In this post I'll explain how I did it.

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Reduce Google Chrome Memory Usage

Google Chrome
As a web developer I regularly use Google Chrome for it's great debugging features. As much as I love Google Chrome it can be a bit of a pig sometimes … it lovessss eating memory!

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Top 7 VS Code Extensions

VS Code Logo

I love Visual Studio Code! It's a fantastic lightweight, cross-platform source code editor from Microsoft. Best of all, it's FREE!!!

Starting with Visual Studio Code Beta (0.10.1 version) you can install extensions from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace to further enhance its functionality.

Here's is my list of must-have extensions for VS Code:

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Progressive Web Apps: Future of the Web?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions …

Progressive Web App ExampleIn today’s rapidly evolving world of technology there has always been a clear distinction between mobile apps and websites. They each bring along their own set of pros and cons.

Although native mobile apps provide a first class user experience, they tend to have a higher barrier to entry; they require installation and are typically more difficult to develop/maintain. Websites on the other hand are platform agnostic and are typically easier to develop and maintain, however they provide a less engaging user experience.

In this article I'll touch on a new technology called Progressive Web Apps which aims to bring these disparate worlds together. It may very well be the future of the web!

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