Google Chrome
As a web developer I regularly use Google Chrome for it’s great debugging features. As much as I love Google Chrome it can be a bit of a pig sometimes … it lovessss eating memory!

Each tab in Google Chrome runs as a separate system process. While this high level of isolation provides great performance and improves security. The downside is that it tends to eat a lottttt of system memory. Not such a great thing when I’m running dev virtual machines on my local machine.

Task Manager screenshot


The Chrome team are aware of this and are actively working to improve it. Chrome has an experimental feature that can be enabled called Automatic tab discarding. Instead of keeping all tabs (active and inactive ones) in physical memory, Chrome will move inactive tabs into virtual memory. When the tabs later become active, they will be loaded back into physical memory.

You can enable this feature from here

Chrome will automatically determine if a tab should be suspended based on a number of metrics. You can view the status of your tabs here – chrome://discards/

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Shane Bartholomeusz