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Capture program exceptions using Sysinternals Process Dump

So what is ProcDump?

I just thought I’d write a quick post showing you how to use the ProcDump utility, yet another great Sysinternals tool. This tool helps you capture unhandled exceptions in real-time from a running program.

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Show me an example

Just to demonstrate how it works, in the below example I created a simple Console application which divides ‘1’ by a user input value.

  1. First I launched the console applicationConsole application source code
  2. Then I set a watch on the application through ProcDump by running command ‘procdump -e 2 -l -f “” consoleapplication2.exe‘. Note: In this case I’ve disabled the creation of a minidump file and enabled monitoring of debug output.Command line screenshot
  3. Next, I entered some values into the console application and monitored the debug and exception output through ProcDump.Command line screenshot

See, simple isn’t it 🙂

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