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Have you been in situations where your users are experiencing performance issues with Dynamics CRM that you cannot replicate?

Not many people know, but Dynamics CRM includes a hidden diagnostics page that enables you to troubleshoot client side issues including network performance issues and web browser compatibility issues.

How Do I Find It?

The diagnostics page is accessible here: http://<YourCRMServer>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx

How Does it Work?

When users navigate to the diagnostics page, a series of tests can be executed on the users browser to check for any issues including slow network connectivity and browser performance issues.

More information can be found here – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/admin/verify-network-capacity-throughput-clients

Hope you’ve found this tip useful

Dynamics CRM Diagnostics Mode
Shane Bartholomeusz