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MB2-716 Dynamics 365 Exam Guide


Having recently passed the MB2-716 Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration exam, in this MB2-716 exam study guide I will share some of my thoughts and tips to help you pass the exam.

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What is the MB2-716 Exam?

This exam forms part of the MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification and is primarily intended for Developers, Dynamics Consultants, Technical Support Engineers or System Administrators. It aims to demonstrate your expertise with upgrading, configuring and customising Dynamics 365.

To achieve the MCSA certification you must pass both the MB2-715 and MB2-716 exams. More information is available at

Check out the MB2-716 exam page which provides some essential information about the exam, including the skills measured during the exam, tips for preparing, and links for booking your exam.

Content covered includes:

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 (20% – 25%)

  1. Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 settings
  2. Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 security
  3. Configure email services
  4. Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other Office 365 offerings

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities, entity relationships, and fields (20% – 25%)

  1. Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities
  2. Implement entity relationships
  3. Define and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 fields
  4. Configure field customizations

Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, forms, views, and visualizations (25% – 30%)

  1. Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions
  2. Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms
  3. Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 views and visualizations
  4. Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices

Implement business rules, workflows, and business process flows (20% – 25%)

  1. Implement and manage business rules
  2. Implement and manage workflows, dialogs, and custom actions
  3. Implement and manage business process flows

My Exam Prep Strategy

Similar to some of the previous exams I’ve blogged about, my strategy for preparing to sit the exam was as follows:

  1. Watch the Exam Study Videos available in the Dynamics Learning Portal.
  2. Reviewed Neil Parkhurst’s exam study guide
  3. Watched Pluralsight video training
  4. Prepare Mind Map to help revise key concepts

Dynamics Learning Portal

The Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is an online hub containing various video-based training materials for Dynamics partners. It also includes various exam specific courses such as for the MB2-716 exam.

The portal can be accessed at To gain access, your organisation needs to be enrolled in either of the following. More details can be found in the FAQ page.

  • Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP)
  • Premier Support for Partners (PSfP)
  • Microsoft Dynamics Training Pack
Dynamics Learning Portal Screenshot

There are 2 courses which cover the content contained in the exam, they are:

The video series covers all key aspects of the exam that you’ll need to study for. As with most Microsoft exams, the exam covers a lot of topics you may not necessarily expect, so it pays to watch and re-watch each video.

Dynamics Learning Portal Screenshot

Neil Parkhurst Study Guide

Microsoft MVP Neil Parkhurst has also created a very comprehensive study guide for the MB2-716 exam that is available for the super low price of FREE!

I briefly reviewed the study guide to make sure I was familiar with the key concepts covered in the exam.

You can find his study guide below:


There were a few areas in the Dynamics Learning Portal video series that I felt didn’t dive in-depth enough for my liking …

Since I’ve been a long-standing subscriber of the Pluralsight online video training library. So naturally I headed over to Pluralsight.

Although I didn’t find a specific video covering the exam, I’d recommend you watch parts of the below video which contains a lot of in-depth content that is covered in the exam.

Pluralsight Screenshot

If you haven’t yet tried Pluralsight, I recommend you take the free 10 day trial that is available using the below link. Even if it’s not your thing, you can use it to pass the exam.

Pluralsight Logo

Mind Mapping

I’m naturally a visual learner. I find that I can more easily absorb visual forms of learning such as videos, diagrams, mind maps etc.

Mind mapping is a great visual learning technique that involves organising concepts into a visual format.

I used the FREE online mind mapping tool Coggle to create a mind map. I periodically studied the mind map to refresh my memory of the topics covered in the exam. If there were any concepts that I couldn’t remember, then I would go back and study them. You can find my mind map below.

MB2-716 Coggle Mind Map

The key to a great mind map is to only include the key concepts, otherwise it starts to become too complex and difficult to navigate. So remember to keep it simple!

Sitting the Exam

To book the exam, follow the relevant links on the main certification page. This will eventually take you through to the main Amazon training portal where you can book your exam. At the time of writing, the exam cost was $165 USD.

As with most Microsoft exams, the exam covers topics you may not have thought

So How Did I Go?

I passed the exam with a score of 850, yay! I assume this score equates to around 85%. The pass mark is around 70%

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this exam study guide to helpful. Best of luck to everyone planning to sit the MB2-716 exam.

If you have any experiences of sitting the exam or general tips to share then feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences

  2. Hi AJ,

    That sounds like a good score, well done.
    I’m taking my exam in a couple of days. Can you remember how many questions it was and how long you had to sit it?

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