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How to: Implement Azure Web App Authentication – The Easy Way


Let’s face it … security is HARD. Implementing authentication and authorization into applications has always been a challenge and a chore for developers. Building a secure application requires strong knowledge across a number of areas.

Thanks to the power of Easy Auth on Microsoft Azure it’s easier than ever to setup secure authentication for your web application with the click of a few buttons… Yep, I’m not kidding!

Ok let’s get started …

Azure App Service Logo
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Fixed: WCF Test Client Max Size Error


When querying a web service using the WCF Test Client you might encounter the below error message. In this article I’ll show you how to resolve this issue.

The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.

Error message screenshot
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Dynamics 365: The underlying connection was closed


While upgrading a .NET customisation that interfaced with our client Dynamics 365 online environment (Version 9). I encountered the following error while attempting to fetch some records from our Dynamics 365 instance. Continue reading

.NET Network Tracing

System.Net Tracing


I recently had to troubleshoot a network communication. My app was unable to call an external service endpoint. Troubleshooting network issues can sometimes be as fun as pulling out your own teeth.

In this post I wanted to share a nifty way to perform low-level troubleshooting, which ultimately saved my bacon.

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ApplicationHost.config Not Working

Quick Tip

IIS stores most of your website configuration in the applicationHost.config file. When performing repetitive tasks it’s often quicker and easier to apply changes directly to the applicationHost.config file rather than via the IIS manager user interface.

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Aspnetcore.dll failed to load. The data is the error

The Problem

When trying to locally debug a newly created solution within Visual Studio 2015 I encountered the below error when locally launching the application using IIS Express

A process with the ID of <id> is not running


Seeing no errors logged in the Visual Studio Output window, I checked the Windows Event Viewer and found the following error:

The Module DLL C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express\aspnetcore.dll failed to load. The data is the error.

The error was a bit confusing because it alluded to ASP.NET Core even though I wasn’t using this in my project.

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How to Parse IIS Logs using Log Parser Studio

Logs, Logs, Logs!!!

Ever had to parse mounds of IIS web server logs for specific metrics? It can be quite painful and time-consuming!

Log Parser Studio is a fantastic utility designed for this very purpose. It can parse various flat file formats using an SQL like query language.

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Enable Detailed IIS Error Messages

Enabling Detailed Errors

By default, IIS hides detailed error messages however you can enable it through either of the following ways.

Obviously this should only be enabled in a non-production environment as it may create potential security implications.

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ASP.NET App Suspend

What is it?


The .NET Framework 4.5.1 introduces a nice new feature called App Suspend to improve web application performance, and most importantly improve the end-user experience with virtually zero setup required.

MSDN claim that this feature can improve web application startup performance by 90%!!!


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Hide the annoying WCF Test Client

WCF Test Client

The WCF Test Client can be quite a useful tool when developing .Net web services using Visual Studio, however sometimes you don’t need it automatically launching when you start your project … it gets quite annoying!


WCF Test Client Screenshot


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