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Hide the annoying WCF Test Client

WCF Test Client

The WCF Test Client can be quite a useful tool when developing .Net web services using Visual Studio, however sometimes you don’t need it automatically launching when you start your project … it gets quite annoying!


WCF Test Client Screenshot


How can I disable it?

You can disable it through the *.csproj.user file of your web service project.

First, close your solution in Visual Studio. Then add the entry EnableWcfTestClientForSVC into your *.csproj.user file. Then re-open your solution, the WCF Test Client shouldn’t launch anymore when you start your Visual Studio project.

      <FlavorProperties GUID="{45456-65df-df5s-9384-4546464599}">
Shane Bartholomeusz

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I simply added the tag with the False value and it worked. Been looking for an answer to this for a while!

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