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Setup VPN Client on Synology NAS (DSM 5.1)

In this article I'll show you how you can configure you Synology NAS to use a VPN. In this case I'm using DSM 5.1.

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Why use a VPN client?

A VPN client will help mask your activities online by tunneling your traffic through an intermediary proxy.

Why would you want to configure your Synology NAS to use a VPN … well lets just say this might especially be of interest to those using Synology Download Station 😉

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How to setup Apple iTunes within Oracle Virtualbox

Let me explain …

Oracle VirtualBox logo

Ok, for the record, I'm not the biggest fan of iTunes for Windows, and that's why when I needed to use iTunes I decided to install it within an Oracle Virtualbox virtual machine.

This configuration provides the benefit of portability and it also prevents Apple iTunes from wreaking havoc on your host PC.

Hooray for no iTunes on my host machine!!!

Anyway, this is how you do it,

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Process Explorer Error: Run Process Explorer from a writeable directory

The Problem

I came across the following error while trying to run the Sysinternals Process Explorer program.

Unable to extract 64-bit image. Run Process Explorer from a writeable directory.

Sysinternals Logo

What's Going On?

Process Explorer extracts and executes the appropriate x86 or x64 binary for the platform you’re on, and therefore requires elevated privileges (i.e. “Administrative rights”).

This can sometimes be a headache if you’re operating in an environment where you have “limited” access rights.

Process Explorer error screenshot
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Synology DSM 5.1 upgrade error – “DSM Update”

The Problem

While trying to upgrade my Synology DS213J NAS from 4.3-3827 to 5.1-5004, I ran into the following error while using the automated update feature.

DSM Update Error

Synology Logo

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